What’s capital gains tax and when do you pay it?

 Download PDF version What’s capital gains tax and when do you pay it? Here’s a guide to how CGT works and some ways to minimise your tax burden Capital gains tax is charged on the profit you make from the sale of assets. CGT can apply to assets you’ve purchased or inherited – shares, investments, land, property (special rules apply to your primary residence), and even collectibles and personal items, depending on what you paid …

Super and tax – what’s changing on 1 July 2024

 Download PDF version Super and tax – what’s changing on 1 July 2024 Here’s a quick rundown of the latest law changes They say nothing is certain in life except two things – death and taxes. Australians can probably add a third – the knowledge that come the end of financial year, the rules around superannuation and taxation will inevitably change. It can be hard keeping up with all the latest super and tax rule …

Econosights – positive supply shocks

Post pandemic, the supply of labour has increased in many major economies, including the US and Australia, through elevated immigration and a lift in the participation rate to a record high.

Oliver’s Insights – seasonal patterns in shares

This article looks at seasonal patterns in shares and whether its time to “sell in May and go away” along the lines of the old share market saying.

Econosights – does the Federal Reserve have to cut rates first?

In this Econosights we look at whether the US Federal Reserve will be the first major central bank to cut interest rates in this cycle.

Oliver’s insights – the art of happiness

This article looks at happiness and whether economics is failing us with its focus on GDP and consumption.

April 2024 Market update

                April 2024 Market update Summary Global share markets continued to rise strongly in March, fuelled by improving growth numbers from the US and a dovish central bank. European share markets were notably strong as economic data in services industries bounced back toward expansionary levels. Australia share markets were very strong, rising for 5 months in a row and returned 3.3% over the month. Regardless, our domestic market …

Israel/Iran fears and rate cut uncertainty

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Seven things you need to know about the Australian property market

The Australian housing market has started the year on a solid note with national home prices up 1.6% over the first three months according to CoreLogic. We had thought the drag of high mortgage rates would get the upper hand again but the supply shortfall is continuing to dominate.