What to watch for the global economy in 2024

Tune in to AMP Chief Economist, Dr Shane Oliver share his insights and projections for the economic year ahead. Original Author: Produced by AMP and published on 28/02/2024 Source

Oliver’s insights – oil and petrol prices

The war in Israel is terrible from a humanitarian perspective. From an economic and investment perspective the concern is that it will lead to a surge in oil prices that will add to inflation, keep interest rates higher for longer and add to the risk of recession.

Oliver’s insights – China’s slowdown and structural challenges

The article looks at the current concerns about the Chinese economic outlook and how Australia can’t rely on the China/commodity boom indefinitely.

Oliver’s insights – leading and lagging indicators

This article takes a look at the currently confusing economic landscape with some indicators being very strong and others very weak.

The confusing economic picture

The confusing economic picture – why you need to know the difference between leading and lagging economic indicators Dr Shane Oliver – Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist, AMP Download PDF version Key points For nearly 30 years Australia had benign economic cycles so the current environment may be a bit of a shock for many. Still low unemployment and still high inflation despite slowing economic growth are not that unusual because they both normally lag …

Oliver’s insights Episode #77 The Watch List 7 economic indicators for investors to pay attention to

Oliver’s insights Episode #77 The Watch List 7 economic indicators for investors to pay attention to AMP’s Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist Dr. Shane Oliver looks at seven key indicators that investors need to keep a close eye on to understand where the investment cycle is going and what shares, in particular, are likely to do. This episode can be found on your favourite streaming platform, including Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple podcasts. For …

Oliver’s Insights – five charts on investing to keep in mind

Five charts focusing on critical aspects of investing that are insightful in times of market stress

Econosights – how important is the banking sector to the economy?

In this Econosights we look at the role of the banking sector in an economy and how the recent developments risk a further negative flow-on impact to the rest of the economy.

Weekly market update 24-03-2023

Dr Shane Oliver discusses how bank turmoil is still providing a roller coaster ride for investors; case for an RBA pause remains strong; PMIs show easing Aust inflation pressure; and more.

Oliver’s insights – house prices

Dr Shane Oliver looks at the outlook for Australian property prices, particuarly given the bounce in prices over the last month or so.