Ways to grow your Super, Value of Advice and More

Ways to grow your Super, Value of Advice and More

Ways to grow your Super, Value of Advice and More

1. Five ways to grow your super

Are you looking for ways to boost your super account balance?
Watch our video (3.01) and hear how Greg Elias, an AMP Client Adviser, explain five ways his client could grow their super to save for a comfortable retirement.

He discusses five ways to grow super:
1. Bring together all your super accounts
2. Choose your super fund
3. Manage your super investments
4. Spouse contributions
5. Salary sacrifice

Find out more about how these methods can help grow super and help prepare for Retirement.

2. The value of advice

Have you ever wondered how your family would cope financially if you weren’t around? Life throws some curved balls at us sometimes, usually when we least expect it.


3. The benefits of consolidating your super

Why should you consider consolidating your super? In this video, find out how bringing all your super accounts into one, could mean less paperwork, fewer sets of fees and more money in your chosen super fund for when you retire.


4. Understanding the basics of investing

Investment 101 – Did you know investing generally means putting money aside or buying assets, with the aim of generating an income or growing its value over time?

The chances are, you’re already an investor whether you know it or not.

In this short video, Jeff from AMP explains that if you’re a paid worker in Australia, you most likely have a super fund and that money is probably already invested in multiple asset classes.

While you may not be looking at your super day-to-day, the investment managers within your super fund are.

Watch this short video to get up to speed on the basics of investing, what your super fund does behind the scenes and what asset classes could be helping you to grow your money further.

5. Choosing your super fund

If you’re working or about to start a new job, you probably already know your employer has to make contributions to your super on your behalf.
What you may not be aware of is that you can choose which super fund you want to invest in.

Keep in mind that not all super funds are the same, so consider these factors when choosing a fund that suits your personal situation.

Just remember, whatever choice you make now could make a difference to the lifestyle you will lead in retirement.

6. What is personal financial advice?

Personal financial advice is a service provided by a licensed financial adviser or financial planner. They’ll consider your objectives, financial situation and needs to tailor a financial plan that aims to help reach your goals.


7. What is a beneficiary?

A superannuation beneficiary is someone who can receive proceeds from your super account when you die. By nominating a beneficiary (or multiple beneficiaries), you’re telling your super fund who you’d like to receive the money. There are different types of beneficiaries.


Whatever you decide, taking an active interest in your retirement strategies today will help you plan the retirement lifestyle you want for tomorrow.