Sneak peek – Oliver’s insights Podcast: Ep#98

Episode #98: Australian home prices up on supply shortfall, but at risk from high rates The last three major cyclical upswings in home prices have required lower interest rates to be sustained. With rate cuts still a long way away, AMP’s Chief Economist Shane Oliver looks at why the risk of another leg down in prices is high next year, particularly if unemployment rises significantly, and the key indicators to watch in the months ahead. …

Simplifying Investing with Diana Mousina

Episode #93: The housing market The Australian housing market is a deeply watched sector of the economy, because it impacts everybody. This week AMP’s deputy chief economist Diana Mousina looks more closely at the housing market, including why prices have rebounded so fast, the outlook for home prices, conditions in the lending market and why the rental market is still so hot. Important information: This podcast is general in nature and hasn’t taken your circumstances …

Econosights – Australian inflation

Are there better tools available to policymakers than raising interest rates to reduce inflation? Especially as interest rate hikes are having an unequal impact across household groups.

Oliver’s insights – home ownership

This note looks at the decline in Australia’s home ownership rate since the mid-1960s and what has driven it.

Oliver’s Insights – five charts on investing to keep in mind

Five charts focusing on critical aspects of investing that are insightful in times of market stress

Econosights – how important is the banking sector to the economy?

In this Econosights we look at the role of the banking sector in an economy and how the recent developments risk a further negative flow-on impact to the rest of the economy.

Weekly market update 24-03-2023

Dr Shane Oliver discusses how bank turmoil is still providing a roller coaster ride for investors; case for an RBA pause remains strong; PMIs show easing Aust inflation pressure; and more.

Oliver’s insights – house prices

Dr Shane Oliver looks at the outlook for Australian property prices, particuarly given the bounce in prices over the last month or so.

Econosights – recession risks

Forecasts of a looming recession in 2023 or early 2024 in major economies have become consensus

Weekly market update 17-03-2023

This week, Dr Shane Oliver highlights the banking stress – the bad news (increased recession risk) and good news (less rate hikes); US inflation; raises the question as to whether Australian home prices bottomed; and more.