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5 Great Testimonials

5 Great Testimonials For Whitley Bradford

Client testimonial 1:
Whitley has had a huge impact on my financial situation, she has helped me pay off my debt much faster than I thought possible! Not only am I debt free, but she has also taken the time to assess and advise my finances to meet my goals of saving for my first house, she has helped me invest money as a means of maximising my savings and above all she has taken the time to explain everything to me, even after business hours!

Whitley is such a lovely and passionate person I would recommend her to anyone!


Client testimonial 2:
Whitley has helped me through a tough time where I was declared Totally and Permanently Disabled.

Not only did she help our family pay off our house in full, purchase a new family car but she managed to find additional insurances that I didn’t even know I had and is helping us through the claim process in order to claim an additional $217,523 in TPD insurance and $49,598 in income protection claims on top of the $325,739 which has already been paid to us.

She has been diligent with following up with the claims managers and the doctors in order to help the claims process run through smoothly.

Whitley is very empathetic and you can tell that she genuinely cares for my family and I.
Previously, I have never seen a financial planner; once meeting with Whitley the experience that we have had has been excellent and I would highly recommend her to anyone.


Client testimonial 3:
Recently I came to you for advice about mine and Hamish’s superannuation and insurances. Having recently purchased our first home, we had a huge change in our financial position and circumstances and I was concerned about us being able to keep up with mortgage repayments and maintain our lifestyle should one of us not be able to work. I also wished to consider our long-term position with superannuation.

I felt I had somewhat of an understanding of how each type of insurance works, but had no idea where to start hence why I came to you. You made the process very simple and explained things to me in a way that was easy to understand. In particular I was very impressed that you were able to go the extra mile for us by organising telephone meetings outside of your regular work hours to accommodate for the time difference between our two states.

Your advice has made a difference to us by giving us peace of mind. I feel comfortable knowing that should one of us not be able to work, we are adequately covered. I also feel assured you will always look out for our best interests going forward when you next review our circumstances should they change. Most importantly, you have displayed the highest degree of professionalism in all our dealings and I feel I can trust you completely.

Whitley, thank you so much for your assistance. I greatly appreciate your help.


Client testimonial 4:
Whitley Bejah has provided invaluable assistance in setting up and maintaining our companies AMP Super Plan for new and existing staff and working with my employees on their personal financial situation. Since the inception of our company Whitley has made herself available to on-board new staff and to answer any questions or assist existing staff in maintaining or altering their plans.

Her knowledge of the products shines through and she has a talent for being able to break the features and benefits down in a way that is easily relatable and understandable. Whitley’s passion for helping others and making sure each individual receives a product that is tailored to their needs and stage of life is outstanding.

Whitley has been called upon to help us move and grow as a company over the years and she is always able to take a problem or challenge and come back with a considered outcome, often presenting a number of options and helping us to make an informed choice.

Whitley has a can do attitude and nothing is ever a problem! It is hugely beneficial to us as a company to know she is only a phone call or email away and she is always eager and willing to help. It has certainly saved us quite a few headaches on multiple occasions.

In short she is a pleasure to deal with and a huge asset to both AMP and us here at ****. We cannot thank her enough for her service and dedication and we look forward to working with her for many years to come.


Client testimonial 5:
Whitley has been my adviser for the last two years; previously I had not met with a financial adviser before. She has made the process effortless and has explained things to me in terms in which I can understand.

I originally came to see Whitley to consolidate my superannuation, however we ended up discussing my goals for the future and I walked away with a plan to: purchase my first house, protect myself should I be unable to work or if I suffered a trauma (which I didn’t even know was even available), and of course she sorted out my super.
Since meeting with Whitley I have purchased my first home and we are in the process of working on paying it down at a faster rate.
Whitley has always gone the extra mile for me, especially when it comes to working around my availabilities after hours and she has recently been helping me with a general insurance claim which with an external company even though she gets nothing out of it- which I think is a testament to her character to help people and to put them in a better position.

I think Whitley is a great financial adviser and most of all, she is an awesome person who is always willing to go the extra mile and I highly recommend her. Thanks again, Whitley.


Whitley Bejah


Whitley Bejah MFinPlanning, BBus, Dip FP

Financial Planner,  Accredited Mortgage & Banking Adviser

Authorised Representative of AMP Financial Planning Pty Limited

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