Planning your future: Why you need a financial planner

Planning your future. Why you need a financial planner.

Planning your future: Why you need a financial planner

When it comes to managing your finances; knowing when, where and what to do can be quite daunting and complex. Effectively managing your finances requires a sound knowledge of various strategies available and the latest regulations and this is where a financial planner can help.

A financial planner is like having a personal coach for your money. Our aim is to help you protect and get the most out of all your assets, so you can be on your way to the lifestyle that you desire – today and in the future.

Our financial planners will take the time to find out your current circumstances and where you want to be so that we can help you make informed decisions on how to make the most of your money where you can invest/protect it to your advantage and using the appropriate financial products for your needs.


Get advice. Get ahead

When to work with us

We offer a range of advice services to cater to the broad needs of individuals and business owners in various stages, as well as strategies that focus on the important single life events that impact your financial well-being or that of your business. This may mean your adviser can provide you with advice on an immediate need like finding an appropriate investment for a lump sum inheritance or redundancy payment, or arranging new or additional insurance on the birth of a child, to more long-term strategies such as rethinking your overall position in relation to your future retirement plans or business considerations.

20's Getting Started

20’s Getting Started

30's Accumulation & Growth

30’s Accumulation & Growth

40's Consolidation

40’s Consolidation

TYPICAL NEEDS  20’s Getting Started, 30’s Accumulation & Growth, 40’s Consolidation

• How do I build assets? • How do I budget? • How can I pay off HECS/credit card or personal debts? • How do I buy my first home? • How do I juggle current costs with future savings goals? • How do I find time to get my finances on track? • What would I do if I couldn’t work due to accident or illness? • How do I get my super sorted? • How do I make more headway with my mortgage? • How do I fund my children’s further education? • How do I start to maximise super contributions? • Are my investments on track?

How FinancialPartners can help

• Budget and savings plans • Bad debt and cash flow management • Enter investment markets • Superannuation choice and investment strategies • Tax benefit strategies • Earnings protection • Budgeting and cashflow • Debt management investment strategies • Super contributions strategies and asset allocation • Family, income and lifestyle protection • Savings bonds and strategies • Investment strategies • Borrowing to invest • Super contributions strategies and asset allocation • Super vs mortgage • Debt management and recycling • Asset selection and portfolio construction • Estate planning • Family, income, lifestyle protection
50's Pre-Retirement

50’s Pre-Retirement

60's Retirement

60’s Retirement

70's+ Aged Care

70’s+ Aged Care

TYPICAL NEEDS 50’s Pre-Retirement, 60’s Retirement, 70’s+ Aged Care

• Is my investment strategy appropriate? • Are my assets appropriately diversified? • Potential business investments • When should I start to consider retirement planning? • What should I do with my lump sum inheritance? • Will I have enough to retire? • How do I start to make the most of government entitlements? • How can I ease into retirement? • How do I manage succession in my business? • How do I fund retirement? • What if my partner goes before me? • What are my entitlements? • Will I have enough? • How do I pay for rising healthcare costs? • Do I consider selling the family home? • How do I protect what I am leaving behind?

How can FinancialPartners can help you now…

• Review position and investment risk appetite • Investment strategies • Borrowing to invest • Bolster super contributions • Asset allocation and portfolio construction • Accessing super, aged 57 • Super vs mortgage • Debt management and recycling • Transition to retirement strategies • Family, income, lifestyle protection • Manage capital reserves • Continue investments • Address estate planning • Access super while you work • Advantages of retiring after 60 • Centrelink advice and assistance • Map out retirement plan • Maximise income streams • Centrelink assistance • Estate planning • Aged care options

We are trained and competent to advise on a range of matters, including:

  • Financial management from basic budgeting to complex portfolios.
  • Investment strategies, including recommending investment categories and specific products.
  • Superannuation strategies to help you accumulate enough money to retire with the lifestyle you’d like and strategies to help you minimise the tax you pay right now.
  • Retirement planning for those retiring soon or many years from now – the sooner you plan the better.
  • How to use a redundancy payout most effectively, including how to make it last as long as possible.
  • Insurance to make sure you adequately protect what you’ve achieved so far, whether that’s a property, assets or your income

    Planning your future. Why you need a financial planner.

    Take the first step towards your financial future. 

    If you need help with personalised advice on financial planning, be it wealth strategies or protection for you or your family, or a need to discuss your present or future retirement options give us a call today on 03 6343 1007.  

    Alternatively send us a message or simply book an appointment now with one of our qualified financial planners on our online booking service at a mutually acceptable time.

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    Planning your future. Why you need a financial planner.

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