Oliver’s insights – The RBA leaves rates on hold

The decision by the RBA to leave rates on hold at its December meeting and whether we have reached the top or not. At its December meeting the RBA left rates on hold but retained a tightening bias with still relatively hawkish commentary.

Oliver’s insights – Australian dollar

Five reasons to expect the Australian dollar to rise into next year: it’s undervalued; short term interest rate differentials look likely to shift in favour of Australia; sentiment towards the $A is negative; commodities still look to have entered a new super cycle; and Australia has a solid current account surplus.

Econosights – Australia’s high population growth

There has been a lot of focus on the record high level of Australia’s population growth in 2023 from the boom in immigration. We look at the impact of high population growth on the economy in this Econosights.

November 2023 Market update

November 2023 Market update    Download PDF version Market update The table below provides details of the movement in average investment returns from various asset classes for the period up to 30 October 2023. Asset class (% change) 1 month 3 months 1 year 3 years (% pa) Australian shares -3.8 -7.2 3.0 8.9 Smaller companies -5.5 -10.5 -5.1 0.5 International shares (unhedged) -1.0 -3.4 11.7 12.0 International shares (hedged) -2.6 -7.9 9.6 9.6 Emerging markets …

Oliver’s insights – nine key things for successful investing

Successful investing is not always easy and can be stressful. Even in good times. For this reason, it’s useful for investors to keep a key set of things in mind.

Weekly market update 17-11-2023

Shares up in the US, Eurozone and Japan but not in China; inflation is continuing to fall about as quickly as it went up; Australian wages & jobs are proving to be not strong enough for another RBA hike; and more.

The threat of higher oil and petrol prices flowing from the war in Israel

Download PDF version The threat of higher oil and petrol prices flowing from the war in Israel Key points – The war in Israel has added to the upside risks to oil prices and downside risks to shares in the near term. – If Iran stays out of the conflict & a major supply disruption is avoided the impact on shares should ultimately be minimal. – If alternatively, oil prices do have a renewed surge …

Oliver’s insights – Medium Term Returns

Since 1999 nominal returns have been more constrained averaging 6.2% pa as we entered a lower return world with real returns averaging 3.6% pa. The odds are that returns are likely to be even more constrained over the next 5 to 10 years. This article looks at why.

Econosights – geopolitics

Geopolitical events tend to create volatility in financial markets and as a result, investors have become more interested in geopolitical risks over the past few years. We look at the impact of geopolitics on financial markets in this edition of Econosights.

Weekly market update 20-10-2023

The new highs in bond yields are putting increasing pressure on share market valuations; the conflict in Israel presents a dilemma for central banks; the high risk of another RBA rate hike, which will add to recession risk; and more.