Oliver’s insights – falling inflation – what does it mean for investors?

The surge in inflation coming out of the pandemic and its subsequent fall
has been the dominant driver of investment markets over the last two
years – first depressing shares and bonds in 2022 and then enabling them
to rebound.

Oliver’s insights – 2024 macro investment outlook

Despite lots of angst at the start of the year, 2023 turned out far better than feared. Dr Shane Oliver reflects on key themes from the past year and suggests what investors should look out for in 2024

Oliver’s insights – The RBA leaves rates on hold

The decision by the RBA to leave rates on hold at its December meeting and whether we have reached the top or not. At its December meeting the RBA left rates on hold but retained a tightening bias with still relatively hawkish commentary.

Oliver’s insights – nine key things for successful investing

Successful investing is not always easy and can be stressful. Even in good times. For this reason, it’s useful for investors to keep a key set of things in mind.

Sneak peek – Oliver’s insights Podcast: Ep#98

Episode #98: Australian home prices up on supply shortfall, but at risk from high rates The last three major cyclical upswings in home prices have required lower interest rates to be sustained. With rate cuts still a long way away, AMP’s Chief Economist Shane Oliver looks at why the risk of another leg down in prices is high next year, particularly if unemployment rises significantly, and the key indicators to watch in the months ahead. …

Oliver’s insights Podcast: Ep#97

Episode #97: Five constraints on medium term investment returns In the 1980s and 90s superannuation investment returns were very strong. But since 1999, nominal superannuation returns have been more constrained averaging 6.2% pa as we entered a lower return world. Five key structural trends suggest higher medium term inflation pressures and constrained economic growth than pre-pandemic. AMP’s Chief Economist, Dr. Shane Oliver looks at why this is happening as well as the implications investment returns. …

Oliver’s insights – Medium Term Returns

Since 1999 nominal returns have been more constrained averaging 6.2% pa as we entered a lower return world with real returns averaging 3.6% pa. The odds are that returns are likely to be even more constrained over the next 5 to 10 years. This article looks at why.

Oliver’s insights Podcast: Ep#95

Episode #95: The threat from higher oil and petrol prices Posing many humanitarian consequences, the war between Israel and Hamas could further lead to a surge in oil prices that will add to inflation, keep interest rates higher for longer and add to the risk of recession. AMP’s head of investment strategy and chief economist Dr. Shane Oliver looks at the implications for investors as well as the impact of higher oil prices on the …

Oliver’s insights – risks for shares

This edition of Oliver’s Insights looks at the impact of rising bond yields on shares, the risks flowing from the renewed conflict in Israel and comparisons to the run up to the 1987 share crash.

Oliver’s insights Podcast: Ep#92

Episode #92: Is another rate hike still imminent? In the last week, we saw the RBA leave interest rates on hold for the fourth month in a row, against the backdrop of increasing uncertainty around political developments in the US and geopolitical risks concerning China. AMP’s chief economist Dr. Shane Oliver explores the outlook for interest rates amid the further softening of the jobs market, falling jobs vacancies and rising levels of mortgage stress. Important …