Oliver’s insights – nine key things for successful investing

Successful investing is not always easy and can be stressful. Even in good times. For this reason, it’s useful for investors to keep a key set of things in mind.

Weekly market update 20-10-2023

The new highs in bond yields are putting increasing pressure on share market valuations; the conflict in Israel presents a dilemma for central banks; the high risk of another RBA rate hike, which will add to recession risk; and more.

Weekly market update 06-10-2023

Global share market fell again over the last week; investor sentiment has fallen sharply; concerning signs in RBA Financial Stability Review; slowing consumer spending in Australia; and more.

Weekly market update 01-09-2023

The key developments over the past week were easing pressure on central banks; falling Australian inflation; RBA to leave rates on hold; and more.

Weekly market update 18-08-2023

This week we take a look at the ongoing upwards pressure on bond yields and worries about poor growth and property problems in China; Australian jobs & wages data should keep RBA on hold; Australian governments to target 1.2 million new homes; and more.

Weekly market update 11-08-2023

This week Dr Shane Oliver discusses how shares remain at risk of a correction; the good news on US inflation continued; RBA Gov Lowe retains softened tightening bias & right to caution regarding the new Board; the rapidly slowing Australian consuner spendingr; and more.

Weekly market update 28-07-2023

Fed & ECB at/near the top; BoJ tweaks yield control; Aust inflation falling too; RBA to hold after lower inflation & retail sales but its a close call; and more.

Weekly market update 21-07-2023

More falls in inflation; implications of Russia’s move to end the Ukraine grain export deal; why RBA targeting “involuntary unemployment” won’t work; why the RBA must tread carefully on jobs; and more.

Weekly market update 30-06-2023

The 2022-23 financial year looks to have seen a solid rebound in superannuation returns; falling inflation & still hawkish central banks; its a close call but RBA likely to hike again; why RBA GovernerLowe should stay; more on the potential ‘TSwift economy lift’.

Weekly market update 23-06-2023

Shares still at risk of a correction; central banks signalling more work to do; and high recession risk in Australia.