Welcome to the Summer edition of Haven – Financial Partners (TAS)

Do you have any idea what a home loan really ends up costing over the life of a mortgage? Thanks to the interest paid over an average 30-year loan term, the figures are eye-watering. Our lead article closely inspects the figures and delves into the simple yet incredibly effective strategies that can carve thousands of dollars off the life of a loan. If you’re in the market to sell a property, we look at the …

Weekly market update 20-10-2023

The new highs in bond yields are putting increasing pressure on share market valuations; the conflict in Israel presents a dilemma for central banks; the high risk of another RBA rate hike, which will add to recession risk; and more.

Oliver’s insights Podcast: Ep#94

The rise in bond yields has left shares offering a low risk premium over bonds leaving them at risk of more softness. The conflict in Israel this week has added to the risk, although the threat should be minimal if Iran is not drawn in, avoiding a severe impact on oil supplies. AMP’s chief economist Dr. Shane Oliver looks at the parallels with the run up in bond yields prior to the 1987 crash, current …

Weekly market update 06-10-2023

Global share market fell again over the last week; investor sentiment has fallen sharply; concerning signs in RBA Financial Stability Review; slowing consumer spending in Australia; and more.

Weekly market update 01-09-2023

The key developments over the past week were easing pressure on central banks; falling Australian inflation; RBA to leave rates on hold; and more.

Weekly market update 18-08-2023

This week we take a look at the ongoing upwards pressure on bond yields and worries about poor growth and property problems in China; Australian jobs & wages data should keep RBA on hold; Australian governments to target 1.2 million new homes; and more.

Weekly market update 11-08-2023

This week Dr Shane Oliver discusses how shares remain at risk of a correction; the good news on US inflation continued; RBA Gov Lowe retains softened tightening bias & right to caution regarding the new Board; the rapidly slowing Australian consuner spendingr; and more.

Weekly market update 28-07-2023

Fed & ECB at/near the top; BoJ tweaks yield control; Aust inflation falling too; RBA to hold after lower inflation & retail sales but its a close call; and more.

Weekly market update 21-07-2023

More falls in inflation; implications of Russia’s move to end the Ukraine grain export deal; why RBA targeting “involuntary unemployment” won’t work; why the RBA must tread carefully on jobs; and more.

Econosights – Australian inflation

Are there better tools available to policymakers than raising interest rates to reduce inflation? Especially as interest rate hikes are having an unequal impact across household groups.