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Do you have any idea what a home loan really ends up costing over the life of a mortgage? Thanks to the interest paid over an average 30-year loan term, the figures are eye-watering. Our lead article closely inspects the figures and delves into the simple yet incredibly effective strategies that can carve thousands of dollars off the life of a loan. If you’re in the market to sell a property, we look at the …

Econosights – Australia’s high population growth

There has been a lot of focus on the record high level of Australia’s population growth in 2023 from the boom in immigration. We look at the impact of high population growth on the economy in this Econosights.

The threat of higher oil and petrol prices flowing from the war in Israel

Download PDF version The threat of higher oil and petrol prices flowing from the war in Israel Key points – The war in Israel has added to the upside risks to oil prices and downside risks to shares in the near term. – If Iran stays out of the conflict & a major supply disruption is avoided the impact on shares should ultimately be minimal. – If alternatively, oil prices do have a renewed surge …

AMP Home Loans. For all kinds of homes.

Get a great home loan rate at amp.com.au/home-loans/loans What you need to know Credit Provider is AMP Bank Limited ABN 15 081 596 009, AFSL & ACL 234517. Lending criteria, fees and T&Cs apply. For more information and target market determinations visit: amp.com.au/home-loans/loans Original Author: Produced by AMP and published on 14/07/2023 Source

Your end of financial year super checklist

Your end of financial year super checklist With the end of financial year fast approaching, now is a good time to consider how you can use superannuation to maximise your tax benefits. While certain contributions may be able to reduce your taxable income or see you pay less on investment earnings, there are a range of considerations. These include how much money you have in your super, whether you’re still in the accumulation phase and …

How Australia’s perceptions of wealth are changing in the 2020s

How Australia’s perceptions of wealth are changing in the 2020s For decades, Australians have associated wealth with home ownership. As our country has become more diverse and inclusive, and individual Australians achieve greater freedoms, these ideas are changing. A recent studyi by AMP highlights how our definition of ‘wealthy’ is shifting – and how your bank, super fund and adviser can help you achieve wealth, no matter what that means to you. Home ownership and financial …

Econosights – the AI threat

The release of ChatGPT in late 2022 is renewing concerns around machines taking over human jobs. We look at the potential impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the global economy in this Econosights.

Oliver’s insights – shares hit another bout of turbulence

Shares have hit turbulence again with worries about inflation, interest rates, recession and, now, problems in US banks. Read more to learn what this means for investors.

Estate planning

Estate planning When you’ve worked hard to get where you are, you want to make sure that you and your family can enjoy the benefits. But if the unforeseen happens, how do you ensure your family are well looked after and that your assets are handed down according to your wishes? Common questions to consider Some questions you may wish to consider include: What is estate planning? Is estate planning just about making a Will? …