Econosights – geopolitics

Geopolitical events tend to create volatility in financial markets and as a result, investors have become more interested in geopolitical risks over the past few years. We look at the impact of geopolitics on financial markets in this edition of Econosights.

Econosights – Australia and the Chinese economy

It is commonly accepted that Australia is highly dependent on the Chinese economy because of demand for Australian mineral resources and agriculture. Does this mean that the recent weakness in the Chinese economy will also weigh down on Australian economic growth?

Oliver’s insights – personal finance 101

Getting our personal finances right can be a challenge at times. And the surge in interest rates has arguably made it even harder for many. This article looks at some common-sense personal finance tips that may be of use.

Econosights – the AI threat

The release of ChatGPT in late 2022 is renewing concerns around machines taking over human jobs. We look at the potential impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the global economy in this Econosights.

Long-term global trends and implications for markets

Trends that influencing economic growth and investment markets

Econosights: Have we reached peak inflation? | AMP Capital

Econosights: Have we reached peak inflation? Key points A peak in inflation (in annual terms) has likely been reached in the US while Australia is lagging behind and is likely to see a peak in December 2022. Extremely high European energy prices means Euro inflation will increase further and may not peak until 2023. But, inflation is unlikely to be headed back to its pre-Covid levels of ~2% per annum or less and we expect …

Market Update 26 August 2022 | AMP Capital

Market Update 26 August 2022 Investment markets and key developments over the past week Sharemarkets were down slightly over the week reflecting 1) a pause in the rally that started in mid-June and 2) uncertainty before Fed chair Powell’s speech at Jackson Hole meeting on Friday morning (US time). US shares were down 0.7% so far, with the largest falls in tech, healthcare, consumer discretionary while energy and materials were up. Australian shares are down slightly …

Market Update 29 July 2022 | AMP Capital

Market Update 29 July 2022   Investment markets & key developments The bounce back in shares continued over the last week on hopes that slowing growth will see central banks ease up on the pace of monetary tightening helped along by mostly good earnings results. However, while US and European shares rose, Japanese and Chinese shares fell. The positive global lead along with a less bad than feared CPI result reducing the risk of a …

Market Update 15 July 2022 | AMP Capital

Market Update 15 July 2022 Investment markets & key developments Share markets mostly fell over the last week on fears that still rising inflation will trigger faster rate hikes and recession. While Japanese shares rose, US, European and Chinese shares fell. The fall in Eurozone shares was magnified by the risk of a permanent shutdown of Russian gas flowing through the Nordstream 1 pipeline to Germany following a maintenance shutdown and another political crisis in …