Six traits of Australians living the dream

Six traits of Australians living the dream Almost one in four Australians (23%) believe they are definitely or mostly ‘living the dream’, according to recent research from the Financial Planning Association.iHere are six traits that have helped them to achieve their dreams. 1. Strong personal habits Australians living the dream …

Growing your wealth

Growing your wealth What is gearing? In simple terms, gearing is borrowing money to invest. The investment could be in direct shares or managed investments, such as an equity trust, balanced fund or property…. Read More>>>   Download the free PDF file

Managing your money

Managing your money What is a budget? A budget is a plan that works out how you will manage your income and expenses. Maintaining a budget is a powerful way to control your money….   Read More>>>   Download the free PDF file

Government support in retirement

  Government support in retirement What is the Age Pension? The purpose of the Age Pension is to make sure you have enough income in retirement. It is a fortnightly payment made by the government to help you meet the cost of living, if your retirement savings are below a …

Distributing your assets

Distributing your assets What is estate planning? Estate planning is about wealth succession – a way to help protect the wealth you have built over your lifetime, so that it is distributed according to your wishes following your death….   Read More>>>   Download the free PDF file

Maintaining your lifestyle

Maintaining your lifestyle What is retirement income? During your working life you receive regular income in the form of a salary or business income. In retirement, this regular income stops, so you need to draw on your savings to meet your lifestyle costs….   Read More>>>   Download the free PDF …

Protecting your wealth

Protecting your wealth What is insurance? Insurance is a form of protection – a way to protect yourself, your family and the things you own if something goes wrong. It enables you to replace or repair your assets, whether those assets are your belongings or your capacity to earn income…. …

Investing in your future

Investing in your future What is superannuation? Superannuation, or ‘super’, is a way to save money for your future. It is important to understand how much super you’ll need, and how to best manage the money for your retirement….   Read More>>>   Download the free PDF file