Don’t get burnt by hype – Research an investment opportunity

Smart investors plan, research and understand their investments, and how they fit with their financial goals. Don’t get burnt by hype. Invest in facts. Start with Moneysmart. Visit Original Author: Produced by Moneysmart and published on 30/10/2023 Source

Oliver’s insights – optimism as an investor

It seems that the worry list for investors has become more threatening and confusing. However, to succeed, it makes sense to err on the side of cautious optimism: otherwise, there is no point in investing; growth assets like shares have trended up over the long term; and trying to get the timing right of the 2 or 3 years out of 10 when they fall can be very hard.

6 ways you can generate an income in retirement

6 ways you can generate an income in retirement The time has come. You’ve worked hard over the years contributing to your superannuation to build up your retirement savings. Now you need to think about the best way to convert your savings into an income stream that replaces your regular pay cheque. Here are six ways you could generate a steady and reliable source of income in retirement: An account-based pension allows you to access …

Oliver’s insights – seven key charts

Seven key charts worth keeping an eye on remain: global business conditions PMIs; inflation and our Inflation Indicators; unemployment and underemployment; inflation expectations; earnings revisions; the gap between earnings yields and bond yields; and the US dollar.

Oliver’s insights – RBA review

This article takes a look at the recommendations of the independent Reivew of the RBA and it’s not clear the proposed reforms will lead to a better outcome for the Australian economy.


Redundancy This can be a rather unsettling period as there are many factors to consider such as the loss of your job, the prospect of having to look for a job, ensuring your finances are met and the lump sum payout you will receive. It may seem tempting at first to blow your payout on that big holiday you have always wanted to go to but what if you don’t have any income for a …