Three steps to get more from your super

Superannuation is one of the largest and most important investments you will ever make. Make sure you are getting the most out of your super by:
✔️ Understanding how your super is currently invested, your insurance options and other features your fund offers and compare it to others. You can do this by reviewing your annual statements, on your fund’s website, app or by calling them and asking questions.
📈 Regularly checking how your investments in super are tracking against their targets and consider whether you are in the best investment option for you. Look at the PDS and compare the target return with your annual statement.
🔍 If you have a financial adviser, ask them how your super is performing, including performance over the short and long term, and whether you’re on track to meet your retirement goals. Ask if there are better options and if there are any tax or insurance consequences if you make a change.

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Original Author: Produced by Moneysmart and published on 06/03/2024 Source