Save Money Even When You Dine Out

Save Money Even When You Dine Out

Save Money Even When You Dine Out

The reaction of most people with limited amount of money when they hear a dining out plan is the sigh “expensive”. It is true that dining out in most restaurants is an expensive venture, but you can still enjoy the occasional meal dining out without having to stretch your budget to the brink of a meltdown. This is possible if you are a smart spender. Smart spending doesn’t not however mean saying no to everything, smart spending is being smart while spending knowing that you can occasionally afford anything but affording everything will be out of your reach. Here are a few ways that you can dine out and still save yourself some money:

Want a Drink? Have Water

Drinks are one of the least suspecting high spending items on your overall dine out bill. Drinks especially libations for adults can be pretty expensive and considering the number of people that have turned up for dine out, they can add up to make a large amount of the final bill. To avoid increasing the amount of your bill for things you haven’t even eaten (pun intended) you should stick to drinking water only. If you have habit of having a drink before dinner, then the best way for you is to have a drink at home before you leave for dinner.

Get Down to the Main Course

Most popular and luxurious restaurants tend to have a large amount of mouth watering appetizers and desserts apart from the main course. You though shouldn’t fall for their trap and set your goals only at your main course. More often than not, the appetizers and desserts cost as much as the main course itself. You should be careful not to end up paying the costs of two main courses having eaten only one.

Dine Out at Lunch

In the afternoon at lunch time, it is an open secret to restaurant owners that people are in a hurry and in such rush hours even for food deliveries, most restaurants offer cheap deals and a smaller meal portion. This means that you are able to get the same taste for slightly lesser quantity that keeps you fit and healthy and also keeps your wallet heavier.

These are just a few of the many ways that can be used to save money when you dine out. Follow the principals of smart buying even when you dine out to make sure you never run critically low on cash.

"My problem lies in reconciling my GROSS habits with my NETT income" ~ Errol Flynn