The top 5 overseas holiday spots

The top 5 overseas holiday spots

The top 5 overseas holiday spots

Before jetting off, consider Aussie travellers’ favourite destinations. 

People the world over nominate Australia as their dream destination. But when it comes to jetting overseas, where do Australians choose to go?

Does the idea of lounging in a tropical island paradise and soaking up a new culture whet your appetite or would you rather trek through foreign cities or mountain ranges? One thing’s certain, Australians love to travel overseas.

The number of Australians travelling internationally has soared over the last ten years[1]—partly due to competitive airline rates and the fact that we’ve been one of the luckier developed countries, enjoying economic prosperity and a relatively strong dollar during that time.

When it comes to travel, Australian tastes have changed. Traditionally the United Kingdom has been one of our top-five destinations with many Australians enjoying temporary residency among some of the world’s best art galleries and historic buildings.

In fact until 2008, our travel to the UK was growing steadily[2].  A stint in Europe had always been a must-do for many Australians―but these days we’re setting our sights closer to home.

It seems we’re swapping the culture and intrigue of Europe for palm trees and sandy beaches. When it comes to overseas holidays, most of our favourite destinations are dotted throughout South-East Asia and the Asia Pacific region.

Australians’ favourite international travel destinations[3]
Rank DestinationNo. Australians
Percentage of Australian overseas visitors
2USA (including Hawaii)500,00011.7%
3New Zealand477,00011.2%

It’s no surprise that the volcanic islands of Indonesia are among our favourite places to get away from it all. Ranked as the favourite destination for Australian travellers, Indonesia’s warm weather, clean beaches and tourism offer affordable holidays close to home.

Our love affair with the United States continues despite a dramatic drop in travel to the US in 2001. The US offers everything from the cosmopolitan cities of New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas to deserts and snow-capped mountain ranges. It’s our second-favourite holiday destination.

At just a few hours’ flight away, New Zealand has always been a popular travel destination. It remains among our top-five spots and is not just a thrill-seekers’ paradise with luging, bungee jumping, skiing, and snowboarding but offers the idyllic landscape featured in The Lord of the Rings.

The colourful, bustling cities and exotic islands of Thailand are also among our favourite destinations. Famous for its shopping attractions, beaches, temples, cuisine and nightlife, Thailand offers Australians the affordable opportunity to enjoy the hustle of city life and the serenity of pristine island beaches.

Since 2008, Fiji has been among the top-five travel destinations for Australians. The palm-tree fringed coastline and warm hospitality make it a popular destination for Australian families. For the past five years, Fiji has been among our top-five destinations and replaces the United Kingdom in fifth place.

Planning tips for your overseas trip

Whether you choose one of the top-five destinations or venture off somewhere new, South East Asia and the Asia Pacific region will offer you great value for money.

If you’d like some help planning for your holiday, contact your financial adviser today.

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