4 Cures that help you have a Money Packed Purse

Purse with money

4 Cures that help you have a Money Packed Purse

What gets the tongues rolling and the cash counters ringing? The answer to this question is money. If someone ever wrote a memoir of the single most important thing to man, the book could be titled Money. Some people believe money is the single most important factor in trade, lifestyles, and even relations. Thus if you ask someone what they want to have for a peaceful and successful life, the answer will almost probably be money.

In this blog, I will give you 4 tips to make sure the lean purse problem is cured with you having a fat, money packed purse that’s enviable to others around it.

·        Save 10%

The best way to increase the total amount of money you have at the end of the year is making sure you keep 10% of each months earning in safe place and make sure you don’t spend it. The stream of money that flows into your life can be of immense importance if some portions of the stream are turned towards safety and kept to be used in the rough times ahead.

·        Earn More Spend Less

The best way to earn a pound is by saving one from last month. Saving money is one of the most common and yet affective ways to increase the fat of your wallet and ensure a healthy amount of money is always in your possession. Curtailing spending all of a sudden can be a hard task and the best way to do it is by drawing up a monthly budget each time to make sure room for saving is left.

·        Use Your Savings Wisely

One of the most important words when it comes down to investing your savings wisely are Interest, interest and more interest.  Make sure you maximize your earning by using all your saved cash to earn a hefty interest rate savings.  The more cash you have the greater the chances that you may get a higher profit on the savings that you keep in the account. Make sure you choose the account that gives you highest interest rate profits.

·        Protect What You have

One of the easiest ways to keep your bank balance intact is by protecting the money you have against all the fraud offers to invest you may get. No matter how much you want to spend on such get rich in a fortnight schemes, the only way that comes in second to earning more is protecting what you have so that it stays with you.  This is one of the top tip when it comes to saving money and bulging that purse of yours.

These are handful of tips to make sure you are able to feel that bulge in your purse and enjoy that feeling of becoming rich that comes with it. If you want to have more money each year the best tip is to plan the expenses of the year and keep a certain amount for unforeseen expenses and invest the rest some place safe.


Save 10% Earn More Spend Less Use Your Savings Wisely Protect What You have