3 Steps To Get Your Credit Card Charge Back

3 Steps To Get Your Credit Card Charge Back

3 Steps To Get Your Credit Card Charge Back

With the end of the season of festivities over, it is time for most of the people– who’ve spent lots of their fortune on making holidays fun for their family and friends – to look back at their credit card bills and go through their expenses. Often during this process some people are likely to come across expenditures that have been deducted from their credit cards which they never did. In such cases the best way is to go to the merchant and demand a refund.  But what if the merchant refuses a refund?

Chargeback is the concept that comes into play in times like these. A chargeback is your credit card issuer giving you a refund in cases where you have been cheated on in a transaction and the culprit refuses to give you back your money.

Here is a list of reasons why you might want a chargeback:

  • You feel that the product shown and the product presented are different
  • You haven’t received what you ordered for
  • There was an issue in the billing process
  • You are unaware of the deduction on your credit card

Here are the steps that you should take to help you come of the chargeback process with a refund.

Start at the Source

The best way to solve such an issue is to contact the person that you bought the things from. In most cases that person will help you resolve this then and there and the mater won’t need to be pursued any further. Yet there are instances where owing to several reasons the seller will refuse to cooperate with you. In such a case it is best to contact the credit card company. AT the company you should file a complaint and file a dispute. This will lead to a case where the company will hear your side of the story then the merchants and then eventually resolve the issue.

Be Quick in Your Actions

You cannot post a dispute unless there is billing error in your statement and yet in case of suspicion it is allowed for citizens to report it. Within 60 days of the error your dispute should be a filed, the quicker you react the faster your dispute is likely to be resolved. A letter should also be sent in this time period to the creditor.

In case of a Fraud you need to be loud about it

Loud here in this context means being able to stress on the fact that you have been a victim of  fraud. Fraud is unlike the normal run of the mill human error and thus stressing on that fact is likely to get your case special attention by the authorities. This is likely to be no brainer for the company to understand either. Most companies nowadays tend to notice transactions etc. very closely which means that they are likely to know about the fraud eve before you do.

In case of a Fraud you need to be loud about it

The most important thing is not giving up easily and always trying to fight your case in terms of credit card problems. Doing so will get you what you rightfully deserve.


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